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Top-5 Pretty Little Lies about Life After College

“Every Company Will Welcome You with the Open Arms.”

You may think that diploma is the best warranty of your further employment. You are wrong! Sure, a higher education diploma adds up to your chances of being hired faster than some other applicants. But it is also crucial to practice your college knowledge and skills before applying for the job. Be ready that you might meet people who were working hard for ages, but they remained at the same position earning the same money. And be ready that you’ll face youngsters with a plenty of money and other privileges. Right, some rich parents are always making a fuss of their children.

However, that’s not a good reason to give up. If you wish to hit Fortune 500 CEO list, don’t rely only on your BBA or MBA certificates.

Read more business guides, attend relevant training programs, and visit marketing exhibitions. Take a look at your study notes, essays, and research papers to keep it all fresh in your mind. In case your “American Dream” will be broken after the first several job interviews, keep in mind there is no way to achieve your goals by working as a waiter for the rest of your life. After all, you have invested more than enough in your education and self-development. And don’t look at the others.

“Things Will Only Get Harder.”

In fact, your real life begins only after college. That’s when the time comes to show your abilities and value. You are not actually free until you graduate. During that period, most of the people around you (parents, teachers, other relatives) control your life even if you live on-campus. Feeding, clothing, and securing yourself might seem a challenge at first, but people adapt fast when they have nobody to count on. The good thing is that you can do whatever you want and apply only those skills you wish. Perhaps, you were forced to become a lawyer, but instead you have a passion for writing. Most probably, you have covered hundreds of interesting cases at your Law School. You can kill two birds with one stone by combining your excellent knowledge of the law with your true calling by writing about the law for some local magazine or newspaper. You couldn’t move to another class or simply go home when the subject did not make any sense to you. But you are free to choose the job that suits you best or quit any time you like in favor of another attractive career offer.

“Only People of Business Are Highly Paid.”

High money requires high risks. So, turning an entrepreneur does not guarantee the success and profitability of your business. Moreover, you risk turning a bankrupt one day. So, while looking at your essays in medicine, don’t worry: in fact, registered nurses, physicians, surgeons, and dentists sometimes even earn more than businessmen. Frankly speaking, it’s possible to make good money with any degree, but not all guarantee self-development and further growth. Perhaps, you will need to improve your skills with respect to the rapid technological progress and globalization. A degree in finances might have a higher value because of its cost, but with the help of degree in the experimental theater you might turn a Hollywood star one day.

“Your GPA Always Matters.”

Well, this thing is only part of your college application package. It assists in being accepted to one of the higher education institutions, but what for people need it while applying for the job? As a rule, employers just have a look whether a person has higher education and some certificates in general, but they are not asking for such details as the candidate’s GPA, TOEFL results, grade in statistics, or else.

“You Will Get Married in the Next Five Years.”

Despite we are living in the 21st century, many people still believe the best time to marry is one’s late 20s. So, don’t try to save your relationship desperately at the age of 20 or 21. There is a big chance of discovering one day that the spark is gone: your perfect relationship that lasted for all four years in college does not make you happy in the daily life. You used to live separately when you dated in college.

Now, it’s time to face joint household and hundreds of routine problems. The good news is that most of your pals will still be single because of the ever-increasing divorce rate. By the time you are about 30, you’ll have the same size dating pool you had when you were 20. So don’t lose your hope to meet your true love at the age of 30 and up.