Top-5 Ideas for Utilizing Technology in High School and College

Not only modern students use advanced technologies and innovations for fun, but for making money and gaining new skills. The widespread hand-held devices like tablets and smartphones do not surprise anyone now. However, they are up-graded by the top IT companies to ease further the educational process. Digital copies of lecture materials and visual/audio lessons are available thanks to these changes. More and more educational institutions allow using tablets and mobile devices in-class and even during some exams. Let’s have a look at the top expected and already implemented technological solutions for high schools and colleges.

Idea #1: Electronic Organizational Systems

An information system tracking is widely used by the number of IT and E-commerce companies, so why shouldn’t educational system apply this tool? Such systems may be involved to track individual student’s attendance and academic performance. It would show the number of credits gained for each subject, current grades, and forecasted GPA.This might be a useful instrument for those students who tend to be late, oblivious, or, vice versa, extremely hard working and ambitious.
With tools like that, it would be possible to focus more on those subjects which prevent from receiving a higher GPA and appreciation than on secondary disciplines. Also, such devices may be used for the efficient time scheduling and planning.


Idea #2: Digital Reminders

While the first tools are recommended to be applied within the educational institution, the digital reminder is a perfect solution for the home usage. For instance, a student is overloaded with the final assignments. He is scared to death of missing any term paper or final essay. As practice shows, students often forget completing at least one task out of five. Besides, many students experience problems with meeting deadlines. Digital reminders should offer options like arranging the current tasks with respect to their urgency and priorities.

Idea #3: Computer Software for Projecting Models

Science and business students often face challenges in the shape of different projects where specific models have to be carried out. For instance, accounting and finances teachers may ask to prepare an own business plan with detailed marketing and budgeting as the final assignment.
It would be much easier to do it all in one convenient computer program that will combine the features of PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, and more. Some applications may also be the way out.

Idea #4: Devices for the Disabled Students

Well, this idea is already in work. A lot of elite schools, universities, and colleges take care of the students with limited learning abilities by purchasing assistive technology. As Will Knight from MIT Technology Review reports, the demand for voice computers for blind children has grown dramatically. As for today, speech recognition apps are among built-in Android and Windows Phone features.


Idea #5: What about the Smart Pen?

This small wonder includes a range of features such as word prediction, recognition, and auto replacement. Basically, it works like any grammar check program like Grammarly. It prevents from writing failing essays by fixing spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary.
This device would be especially valuable for students who struggle with content heavy courses. This pen has a special recording device, which is capable of matching written text with the one recorded at the time the text was written. It even links the time of taking notes to the location.