Summer Season Essay: Top 3 Reasons for Writing It

There are basically three things you can practice in writing during your vacations. First, you can find a seasonal job and share your experience. Second, you can come back to college or school and prepare a summary of your large-scale journey. Finally, you can sit down and practice your writing skills by choosing any topics of your interest. At the end of the summer, you’ll be a real writing guru. It will prevent you from falling behind when returning to your educational process. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to impress both your parents and teachers. In any case, writing essays during or about summertime is a very useful experience.

So, how to write essay on summer vacation?

Step 1. Gather 3-5 main events of your summer.

Step 2.Think of what they have in common. It could be a rest by the beach in your native town and in Turkey, or an ice-cream festival in three different locations.

Step 3. Choose one impression and use it in your thesis. The good thing about summer essay is that you can choose between a reflection, argumentative, or any other type of paper. You can even conduct own research and compare your summer destinations with the world’s most visited by the students.

Step 4. Write three to five body paragraphs. It would be enough to include about 5 sentences with the detailed description of each summer activity in each paragraph.

Step 5. Your conclusion must motivate your target audience to spend a summer like you did. It should be something really engaging. In case you combined your relax with work, mention your professional growth and even the amount of money you earned.

summer essay structure

Steps to make summer essay writing easy

Get rid of the summer’s “brain drain.” If you waste your holidays on video games and fast-food restaurants, you will probably lose part of your knowledge and gain extra weight. But if you stay active in all fields of life, you’ll succeed in everything even when the fall begins. According to CNN, much of what we learn during the educational year is forgotten at summer if we do not repeat the material at least twice. And we are not talking about the full course – it’s enough to look through the main points.

I would recommend beginning your summer by getting acquainted with the rules of winning application papers. Keep in mind that you can get enrolled in any higher educational institution during the whole summer period. Go on submitting your applications, but make sure your summer essay writing is worth having a look.

Avoid too much screening. Right, it’s better to keep away from watching TV or playing computer games more than two hours per day. Instead, you can search for the job of your dream after making a list of your skills and potentials.

Make a fun of it. You can make fun even out of your writing. Any essay about summer holiday does not require discussing serious topics or using the complicated terminology. Focus more on own impressions and desires, pretend you are writing FOR YOURSELF and ABOUT YOURSELF. Don’t you agree that it’s much more interesting to write about your European tour with best friends than arguing some theories of Kant?

Brevity is the soul of wit. Try to transfer all summer in a single day essay by the end of the August. If you manage to include all your season journeys into a single paper of up to five pages, you definitely have a talent. It does not make any sense to rack own brains trying to reach the word count of 5,000 if there should be only one argument observed in the academic paper to get the highest grade.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until August – sit down and come up with the summary of your last 2-week trip to Paris. Make sure it has a thesis and is well-arranged. Pretend you were in Paris one day instead of two weeks. What were your greatest impressions?

Most popular summer season topics are:

  • “All summer in a day” essay;
  • “How i spent my summer holidays” essay;
  • “My summer holiday” essay;

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