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Summer Season Essay: Top 3 Reasons for Writing It

There are basically three things you can practice in writing during your vacations. First, you can find a seasonal job and share your experience. Second, you can come back to college or school and prepare a summary of your large-scale journey. Finally, you can sit down and practice your writing skills by choosing any topics of your interest. At the end of the summer, you’ll be a real writing guru. It will prevent you from falling behind when returning to your educational process. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to impress both your parents and teachers. In any case, writing essays during or about summertime is a very useful experience. Read More →

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Top-5 Pretty Little Lies about Life After College

“Every Company Will Welcome You with the Open Arms.”

You may think that diploma is the best warranty of your further employment. You are wrong! Sure, a higher education diploma adds up to your chances of being hired faster than some other applicants. But it is also crucial to practice your college knowledge and skills before applying for the job. Be ready that you might meet people who were working hard for ages, but they remained at the same position earning the same money. And be ready that you’ll face youngsters with a plenty of money and other privileges. Right, some rich parents are always making a fuss of their children. Read More →

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How to use a whip in class: a tutorial from educators

By Nerd

If you lazybones think that classroom violence is in the past, try thinking again.

1. Learn on good examples

Ahmed was an average student from Morocco, neither a straight-A one nor a bum that never appeared on lectures. Yet he told me that when he was a schoolboy, he used to come back home with the soles of his feet beaten with a stick and bruises on his hands made by a ruler. “There’s nothing special about it”, Ahmed says. “If you misbehaved, like you switched to the local dialect of Arabian which is much easier to speak, you were most likely to be punished this way”.
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Top-5 Ideas for Utilizing Technology in High School and College

Not only modern students use advanced technologies and innovations for fun, but for making money and gaining new skills. The widespread hand-held devices like tablets and smartphones do not surprise anyone now. However, they are up-graded by the top IT companies to ease further the educational process. Digital copies of lecture materials and visual/audio lessons are available thanks to these changes. More and more educational institutions allow using tablets and mobile devices in-class and even during some exams. Let’s have a look at the top expected and already implemented technological solutions for high schools and colleges.
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